Card Printer X-Large

The card printer X-Large is perfect for sports-events, concerts and festivals: As first device on the market, it prints oversized cards mostly holohedral. Its printing area of 106 x 85 mm corresponds double ISO-dimensions.

Oversized printers normally can handle a limited printing area - that means who uses such a device for the personalization of cards is restricted in placing the data. With the ECP-X-Large it is possible to spread the personalization all over the card. It prints on the double dimensions of a bank card.


More information, better controle

The X-Large is a perfect printer for events and accreditation: Large-sized printed ID-cards make it easier for the security to control. As well, there is enough space for info like a location plan or advertising of sponsors.

The device reaches remarkable achievement concerning printing speed: Full-coloured, the X-Large makes up to 90 cards per hour; for the classic format of 54 x 86 mm, it makes 170 cards per hour.

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