Blue Code - Cashless Payment

At the moment it is called "O'zapt is" again in Munich. In Dirndl and Lederhosen it goes off into the crowds on the Wiesn. You order by measure. "Oa Bia" is, however, not always so simple: either because you can not be Bavarian, or because the "Diridari" (cash) is off. Blue Code is the solution.

Pay with the smartphone on the Wiesn

The solution is simple. Simply pre-install mobile pocket on the smartphone and add blue code. As a result, it is now possible to buy mobile phones with the smartphone at many sales stands, catering establishments and travel agencies at Munich's Oktoberfest. In addition to the duck and chicken brewery Ammer (Festzelt), the Munich Weißbiergarten Radlinger (beer garden), Franzis Jagdhütte (shooting range), the thistle (shooting range) and the wild mouse (roller coaster) are many more.

Customer loyalty and cashless payment from one source

mobile-pocket bundles bonus, club and bonus cards as well as vouchers, special offers and dealer discounts. The integration of the Blue Code payment method into the popular customer card app makes it easier for the users not only to manage vouchers and regular customer discounts, but also to pay for the smartphone for quite some time. Traders can now easily accept this payment with the new Scan App.

Is the download of the Blue Code Scan App, a contract with the payment provider, as well as the release by Blue Code. The Scan app itself acts as a payment terminal. However, all statutory provisions, such as the obligation to register funds, are still being processed in the cashier system.

When it comes to paying, the seller enters the due amount in his app, lets add a tip if necessary and scans the payment code of the consumer. Mobile has already been paid for.

If you want to lure or reward new customers with targeted campaigns in the store, you can use mobile-pocket. If you do not have a regular customer program, you can easily do this via mobile-pocket.

Benefits for small businesses

The advantages for small businesses are obvious: they can dispense with the large supply of change and extend the entire system with customer loyalty and vouchers. "Especially loyal customers can be rewarded with exclusive promotions and tailor-made vouchers without additional expenses. The checkout process becomes easier and handling with plastic cards, vouchers and cash falls away ", Wolfgang Stockner, CEO of mobile-pocket summarizes the advantages of the cooperation.