Plastic Cards

We print plastic cards – professional and at best prices. Order your plastic cards with lots of advantages at All About Cards. Our plastic cards are used as customer loyalty cards, gift cards, ID-cards, chip cards, RFID-cards or magnetic stripe cards. We print, encode and personalize your plastic cards for every demand. Take profit from our over ten years’ experience!

Plastic cards by All About Cards - your advantages:

  • More than 10 years experience
  • High quality, individual production
  • Price optimization
  • Holistic flexible solutions
  • Professional consulting
  • Varied supplies
  • Suitable technique and software
  • Project handling from A to Z

Plastic cards with elongate hole, printed in offset

Blank plastic cards are made of several thin PVC-layers and one glossy laminate on each side. In standard format (ISO 7810, CR-80-format) a card measures 86 x  54 mm, has got a thickness of 0,76 mm and rounded edges. That’s what you call credit card format. Credit cards or bank cards are the most wellknown use of a plastic card, but her applications are unlimited: All About Cards prints plastic cards as member cards, gift cards, guarantee cards, ticket cards, student cards, driving cards, and so on. Depending on the purpose, technologies like chip, RFID-chip or magnetic stripe can be added.

Our plastic cards are of a very quality. Plastic cards can be produced for a long durability and stability. Our plastic cards are printed in offset, fixed with a protective laminate and made to keep their bright colour and shape.

By printing and personalizing them, plastic cards get individual. Design and finishings make them real highlights. Technology like chips or magnetic stripes make them practical data carriers.

Nobody wants to have more plastic cards in his wallet? Depends completely on look and purpose of the card. Our projects regularly prove that you earn high customer acceptance if the card looks individually and offers real advantages.

You don’t have specific imaginations about how your card should be used? Our experts will be happy to advice you.


Blank plastic cards

Of course we offer blank plastic cards too. Non-printed plastic cards are available in white and lots of different colours: red, blue, green, yellow, black… Our blank cards do have a high quality and can easily be printed with a card printer. We also offer cards in silver and gold which are produced in silkscreen or made of dyed through plastic. With their metallic effects and sparkling, they appear very fine. You can order blank plastic cards even in small amounts.



Blank plastic cards in white and coloured



Material and thicknesses besides standard

All About Cards offers more than standard. Different thicknesses as 0,76 mm and alternative materials to PVC are no problem. There are also thin plastic cards like 0,1 mm, 0,3 mm and 0,5 mm, as well as thicker ones like 1 mm. For further processing those cards, you can use a card printer.

As materials, we offer degradable varieties like recycle-PVC, PET-G, bio-PVC, paper and wood. To get more information about degradable materials for cards, read our info-page or get into contact with one of our experts.



Plastic cards with finishings

Plastic card, printed in offset and finished with UV-varnish

Make your plastic cards an eyecatcher with finishings. You can get special effects with hotstamp, varnishes and structures. Hotstamp is cut out of a metallic foil and applied like a stamp onto the preprinted card. Most customers choose hotstamp in gold or silver for their cards, but there are several colours and other foils possible.

Set spot on details with UV-varnish. It is applied punctually, for example on logos or letterings. Or choose holograms, They are not only used as security feature, they also are a beautiful detail on the card.

We recommend to look at the different finishings and order some sample cards which you can get for free.


Chip cards and magnetic stripe cards

Blank magnetic stripe card

Plastic cards are unbeatable as technology media. We produce chip cards with different kinds of chips, contact-based or contactless. Contactless cards are also called transponder cards or RFID-cards. Magnetic stripe cards are available with different coercivities. Chip cards as well as magnetic stripe cards are available blank or printed. With our card printers you can encode chip cards and magnetic stripe cards.

We also offer the suitable readers for all kind of card technology. We are partner of leading producers and have best prices for you. 


Use chip cards and magnetic stripe cards as:

  • Payment cards
  • Entrance cards
  • Time tracking cards
  • Insurance cards
  • Bonus cards
  • Service cards
  • Event tickets
  • Driving cards
  • ID-cards


Personalized plastic cards

ID-cards mostly are printed with name, picture and further data, and also cards for other applications are personalized to make them more personal and to keep them from forgery. So, most loyalty cards and member cards are printed with the name of the keeper. Gift cards, bonus cards and campaign cards are personalized with numbers, barcodes or QR-codes. Scratch-off foil often is used in addition to cover a PIN-number.

Plastic card, personalized with barcodeAll About Cards can personalize your cards or offer you an own thermotransfer card printer. Besides black, which is the mainly used colour for personalizations, ribbons in silver and gold are popular. There are also different colours possible.

What is essential about personalizing cards is the sensitive handling of data. For our personalization jobs, we guarantee full data protection and make a protection agreement.






Plastic cards in special shapes

We give plastic cards your preferred shape, even if it’s not credit card format. Plastic cards can be produced in individual shapes and be a nice advertising medium. A plain, but famous special shape are luggage tags or key tags. We often print such blank cards for our customers. You have got a certain shape in mind for your cards? We can realize it.

Special shaped plastic card: Minion

Special shaped plastic cards we already produced:

  • Price tags for clothes
  • Price tags for open goods
  • E-book-vouchers
  • Rulers
  • Concert crew cards
  • VIP-tickets
  • Event tickets and backstage passes
  • Product labels