Cards with technologies

Plastic cards are a medium for data with high security level. We attach great importance to absolute quality concerning the configuration with technology. We guarantee highest quality at the production of plastic cards with chip, barcode or magnetic stripe.
Access control with RFID technology


Technology cards are a practicable and confident medium for payment, in banking, for user-identification, for access-control and many other applications. We offer cards for data handling for every demand. We have got strict regulations for our production that is certified regularly.

Even for your special demand

Especially for contactless chip cards there is a broad market: storage, transport, accreditation, access, article surveillance, management of visitors, staff identification or time tracking. Let's think about what is the best solution for your needs!

RFID: contactless transmission

RFID (radio-frequency identification) means a small antenna that is located between the layers of the card and that sends radio signals to the reading device. There is no direct contact necessary as it is with contact chips. The RFID-antenna reaches the reading device from different distances, depending on the type. An alternative to a RFID-card are keyfobs, wristbands and labels.

We at All About Cards always keep an eye on new developments on the market of technology cards. We'd love to give you advice which variety fits the best for your application. If desired, we can send you samples of cards with barcode, chip or magnetic stripe and give you appropriate devices for testing.