Personalized Plastic Cards - Plastic Cards with Personalization

Personalized plastic cards are individual, secure and fit for different applications. We offer different methods for plastic cards with personalization or recommend a suitable card printer.

For all kind of identity cards, personalization with name, picture and more personal data is advisable. Customer cards, gift cards and prepaid cards can be passed secure and useful with barcodes,  scratch-off-panels or embossing.

The best print result

For every kind of personalization there is an individual printing technology as for example thermotransfer, re-transfer, ink jet, laser or indigo. If we are in charge of your personalization, we choose the variation that achieves the best print result. You also get good results with your own card printer or embossing device. We would love to recommend you the perfect model!


plastic cards with personalization

Our picture shows (from the left): personalization with embossing, scratch-off panel, name/photo and barcode.


Printing methods for personalization:


Plastic cards with barcode are widely used. Barcode refers to an alphanumeric, machine-readable code consisting of bars and gaps of different widths. 


Embossing is still a popular method of personalizing plastic cards. We produce embossed cards for you or offer you a card embosser.

Picture and Name

Customer cards, membership cards, student and school ID cards, ski passes, visitor passes: These are just a few examples of card applications for which personalization with photo and/or name or other personal data is used.

Scratch-Off Panel

Scratch-Off is a scratch-off film that can be used to cover previously printed information. This means that only the end user of the card can read the covered information.