Evolis Card Printers

As a leading expert in printing systems, the European company Evolis offers the perfect card printer for every requirement: depending on your needs, Evolis printers meet a wide range of requirements and print with equal speed, quality, and professionalism. With Evolis, you can choose between single and double-sided printing, monochrome or colour printing, and special features such as magnetic stripe encoding or the application of an additional protective layer for all types of cards.
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Comprehensive solutions for the individual design of plastic cards and ID-cards

At All About Cards, we will be happy to advise you on which Evolis card printer offers the perfect solution for your application. Depending on the model, Evolis card printers can be used to create personalized ID-cards, employee ID-cards, access cards with special security technology or even PVC cards as price tags for buffet labeling, which you can easily design with the appropriate software. Our manufacturer's offer ranges from low-cost direct card printers to industrial printers for large card runs.

With the handy Tattoo RW, you get a compact model that can rewrite plastic cards in good print quality. Each card can be reprinted up to 500 times. The Evolis Zenius card printer is suitable for creating professional, high-quality designed ID-cards. The cards can also be easily equipped with magnetic stripes or chip encoding. For medium to large card volumes, the Evolis Primacy and Avansia are suitable. The Evolis Primacy card printer makes it easy to personalize technology cards such as chip and RFID cards, while the Evolis Avansia achieves razor-sharp retransfer printing on a wide range of card blanks. If very large card runs are required, the Evolis Quantum is worth purchasing. All printer models offer impressive flexibility, so that upgrading with additional encoding modules is possible at any time.

The Evolis printers listed have interfaces via USB and Ethernet. Evolis card printers are compatible with Windows, but some also have printer drivers and software for MAC OS and Linux. Thanks to the high-quality Evolis ribbons, the plastic card printers deliver very good printing results in excellent quality - regardless of whether the quantity is low or high. Printing a card takes only a few seconds, even double-sided printing in color is done in a maximum of 37.5 seconds (Avansia). In addition to Evolis card printers, you will of course find all original consumables such as ribbons, sealing foils or cleaning kits as well as other accessories at auto-iD 24/7.





Our efficient Evolis card printers:


Evolis Tattoo RWEvolis Tattoo RW

The Evolis Tattoo RW is a one-sided monochrome card printer for rewritable plastic cards and smart cards. With the practical rewrite printing process, thermochromic cards can be reprinted up to 500 times - and in the case of models with coding options, data can also be rewritten in each case.




Evolis Zenius

Evolis Zenius

The Evolis Zenius is a one-sided plastic card printer for monochrome or colour applications. It is perfect for personalizing and encoding smaller quantities of cards with magnetic stripe or chip technology. With the high-quality Evolis High Trust® colour ribbons, the plastic cards can be provided with a hologram layer, among other things.




Evolis PrimacyEvolis Primacy

The Evolis Primacy card printer is a one- or two-sided monochrome or color card printer that is particularly suitable for printing and coding medium and large series of cards from different technology cards such as chip or RFID cards. The Evolis Primacy is available in Brilliant Blue and Fire Red and is Energy Star certified.



Evolis PrimacyEvolis Primacy 2

The Evolis Primacy 2 card printer is the successor to the Evolis Primacy and offers additional options and features. Like its predecessor, the Primacy 2 is a single or double-sided monochrome or colour card printer for medium to large card series and enables the use of various technology cards such as chip or RFID cards. 





card printer Evolis AvansiaEvolis Avansia

The Evolis Avansia Duplex Expert is a double-sided re-transfer card printer that offers high print quality with 600 dpi resolution. It is ideal for serial printing of medium and large runs. The Evolis Avansia has a security-relevant device lock via a removable RFID token that reliably protects the plastic card printer from unauthorized access.




Evolis Quantum 2

The high-performance Quantum 2 from Evolis is the perfect card printer for printing a large quantity of cards due to its high capacity. It can print more than 1000 cards per hour. The semi-industrial two-sided colour and monochrome card printer has optional magnetic stripe encoding and/or encoding for contact and contactless smart cards.