Packaging with Effects

With our effect packaging design your card gets an appearance. Push & pull, flip it, 3D: Thanks to clever techniques the card gets in motion while opening.

Packaging with push-and-pull-effectA packaging design with a surprise effect is our flip it folded card: With this packaging design the card spins to the center. Alternatively CDs and booklets can be stored. Inconspicuous lockers guarantee an exclusive appearance.

Our push and pull packaging design comes with a clever mechanism: While pulling on one side, the card will be pushed out on the other side – that way, card and product inserts can be stored cleverly. Our card bags with handle and push functions especially show to advantage store cards in fashion retail.

Packaging design with 3D effect is an experience: Thanks to cleverly devised techniques motifs are illustrated three-dimensional. Your card can be integrated individually. A popular packaging design that allows playfulness and creativity.

You will find more packaging designs for plastic cards in our packaging catalogue.