Plastic cards in special shapes

You're planning an extraordinary marketing campaign? Catch the eyes of your customers with our plastic cards in special shapes and in special sizes!
Plastic cards in special shapes, key tags, cards in special sizes

Special Shapes at All About Cards

To fulfil your needs we can produce every shape you are looking for. We will order an appropriate cutting die to realize your wishes. Standard special shapes are key tags, luggage tags and XXL cards. One of the preferred special shapes are key tags. The specialty of those is that you can separate a part of the card which is punched so you can use it as a key tag. Key tags are also available in a set of three. As a key tag the card turns into a sustainable advertising medium that is always carried around with the customer.

Further possibilities of special shaped cards

We can also produce contactless chip cards in special shapes. That is ideal e.g. with oversized plastic cards that are meant for accreditation at sport or music events in combination with access controls. Such oversized plastic cards can be personalized with pictures and texts e.g. by the card printer Rio Pro Xtended.


Please contact us! We also have the right card shape for your application!