Single-sided laminator ILM-LS

The laminator EDIsecure ILM-LS laminated plastic cards single-sided in high speed and great quality. It can be connected to the card printer EDIsecure XID 8300 very easy.

To connect it to the card printer, simply dock the small adapter of the lamination module. With an infrared-interface, the printer-driver controls the lamination-mode for the different card materials.

Characteristics of the ILM-LSLaminator EDIsecure ILM-LS:

  • Fastest lamination module (16 sec. per card) in its class with very small body
  • Single-sided lamination with one cartridge
  • Electronical safety log for a secure gain to the supplies
  • Removable colour-marked cartridges for an easy changing of supplies
  • Lamination foils with high capacity (patch and overlay) for small user-interaction
  • „Jumbo patches“ for almost holohedral lamination with longliving patch-materials
  • Big choice of EDIsecure-laminates for higher security and tenability of the cards
  • Availability of custom-made hologram foils for the protection against forgery and misusage


A variety of different laminates is available:
Transparent (Clear Patch) or holographic patch rolls are available in different thicknesses as well as patch rolls with cutting for an ISO-contact chip, also as holographich overlay-rolls.