Wristband Printer Zebra ZD510-HC

The Zebra ZD510-HC wristband printer prints hard-wearing wristbands quickly and reliably and is especially optimised for the use in medical environments. The Zebra ZD510-HC offers the complete solution for patient identification and access control.
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The Zebra ZD510-HC - cheap and fast printing

The Zebra ZD510-HC is particularly economical in use: Thanks to the direct thermal printing, the wristband printer does not require any additional ink ribbons or ink cartridges. You only need the  wristbands you want to print on! And you even reduce scrap - the Zebra ZD510-HC automatically identifies the wristband size by the smart chips that are integrated in the wristband cassettes and adjusts the printing properties immediately. Expensive misprints are a thing of the past. Thus, the Zebra ZD510-HC is one of the most user-friendly, fastest and cheapest wristband printers available!
That benefits even customers who already own a Zebra HC100: the new, improved successor model Zebra ZD510-HC is downward compatible, you don't need to purchase new accessories! The special strength of the Zebra ZD510-HC compared to its predecessor lies in its extremely versatile connectivity. Especially the hardware options are very extensive: The Zebra ZD510-HC connects via Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth and optionally WiFi, and the included Print Touch Chip (NFC) connects the printer to your own mobile device just by tapping it. Thus, wristband printing is made easier than ever - especially as, in case of uncertainties, the Zebra knowledge database with extensive video tutorials can also be reached quickly and easily. The software integration of the Zebra ZD510-HC is also very versatile: the Zebra ZD510-HC is tested for the use of systems for admission, discharge and transfer (ADT), so their external wristband formats can be used directly! The professional printer operating system of Zebra, Link OS, and Print DNA, Zebra's innovative printer software package, also enable easy integration of your new Zebra ZD510-HC into virtually any system and business.
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Print wristbands in several sizes with the Zebra ZD510-HC

The matching wristbands for the Zebra ZD510-HC are available in cartridges that are automatically recognized by the printer - the automatic adjustment of the printing properties guarantees that even after empty wristband cartridges have been changed, the print results remain the same. Thanks to the intuitive design, the cartridges can be changed quickly and easily in just a few steps.
The wristbands can be printed with text, graphics and all common one- and two-dimensional barcodes, depending on the customer's wishes and requirements. The imprint remains extremely resistant: the wristbands can be used for up to 14 days as they are resistant to water and a variety of disinfectants, chemicals and cleaning solutions.
The wristbands are available in different colours, sizes and closure options - depending on the model, Zebra offers wristbands for adults, children or infants and wristbands that are self-adhesive or use a QuickClip closure.


Printing patient wristbands with the Zebra ZD510-HC

The compact, small Zebra ZD510-HC prints quickly, easily and quietly: It is therefore perfectly suited for medical environments in which patient identification has to be ensured promptly on site. The Zebra ZD510-HC is resistant to cleaning agents, and the power supply of the Zebra ZD510-HC complies with the IEC 60601-1 standard, which means it is certified for the use in health care facilities.
The Zebra ZD510-HC fulfils the extensive data protection requirements of the healthcare sector: HIPAA compliance can even be achieved thanks to the direct thermal printing process, which does not leave any used ribbons with sensitive patient data that have to be destroyed afterwards. The electronic protection of your medical data is also secured: the complementary Print DNA utility PrintSecure guarantees secure printer communication.
Not only the printer itself, but also the accessories are perfectly adapted to the healthcare sector: the wristbands are perfect as patient wristbands! Zebra manages the balancing act between the strict hygiene requirements in hospitals and patient comfort: all MRI-safe wristbands that fit the Zebra ZD510-HC have a special antimicrobial silver coating, against which even germs as E. coli and MRSA have no chance. Nevertheless, the wristbands are latex-free and do not irritate the skin - even allergy sufferers and patients with sensitive skin can wear the wristbands printed with the Zebra ZD510-HC without any problems.

Printing access control wristbands with the Zebra ZD510-HC

With its small footprint and intuitive design, the Zebra ZD510-HC works even in the most hectic event environment - and looks great, too! In addition to the healthcare sector, the Zebra ZD510-HC is particularly optimised for the leisure and event sectors: it prints access control wristbands quickly and as required. The  wristbands enable prompt and reliable visitor identification when used at events and festivals. The access control wristbands printed with the Zebra ZD510-HC increase the security against counterfeiting: the variable wristbands printed with barcodes on demand are given a value during printing first - ticket counterfeiting gets  more difficult. In addition, Zebra's Z-Band Fun and Z-Band Splash access control wristbands, optimised for the leisure and event sector, are equipped with self-adhesive closures, which prevent unauthorised passing on and reuse of the wristbands. Thanks to their bright colours, the wristbands can be recognised at first glance and are thus easy to control, but at the same time they are attractive and resistant. The Z-Band Splash wristbands for use in water parks are even waterproof!
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