Hybrid Cards

Hybrid cards combine different chip technologies and make flexible and a broad range of card applications possible.
Hybrid card, dual interface card, contact and contactless chiptechnologies

A representative example for a hybrid card is a bank card. Account informations are saved on the magnetic stripe and the contact chip serves as an electronic purse.

Dual Interface Card

A special type of a hybrid card is the dual interface card. This card includes both contactless and contact chip technologies. The advantage: Both technologies can be used with all their benefits. This makes the card a very flexible tool for usage and handling.

Technologies of the Hybrid Card

Especially big companies use hybrid cards for access control at different locations and buildings in order to ensure a smooth access across the various locations. The diverse uses of magnetic stripes and chip card technologies on the card provide great flexibility - e.g. one technology can be used for access controll and time recording, the other one for the payment in the cafeteria or at the drinks machine.

Particularly for bank and credit cards you should think about placing a signature panel on your card for additional counterfeit protection.

Trough an appropriate print, hybrid cards as official ID-cards or visitor ID-cards can underline your corporate identity.
We offer you high quality printed plastic cards or an own printer including the suitable software, in order to design the cards.
Moreover, we can advise you regarding the complete use of the cards and can integrate the appropriate system in your company.
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