Structure Varnishing

Plastic cards become an eyecatcher by adding a certain haptic. This can be done best with structure varnish.


plastic card with structure varnishStructure varnish or 3D-varnish mostly is spot varnish which is applicated in different thicknesses and builds glossy forms while hardening. Different structures can be imitated: grained sand or pebbles, soft waves, surfaces of fruit, grooving bark, petals and much more.




plastic card with matt varnishMatt structure varnish imitates for example textiles. So there are plastic cards with a surface like linen or velvet. For this, special particles are added to the varnish and applicated on the card via silkscreen.






plastic card with structure varnish with glitterStructure varnish with glitter creates beautiful highlights on the card. The best effects you get by moving the card and looking at the different light incidences. The glitter varnish is spotted precisely on the card.

Beautiful contrasts are generated by keeping the rest of the card matt.