Card Systems

Identification systems, customer loyalty systems, automat systems and cashless payment systems are assets of All About Cards.

Whether it is about ID-cards for companies or national institutions, whether it is about cashless payment for communal feeding (cafeterias, canteens), to collect bonuses, to reward loyalty or to conduct Referral Marketing: Details are often crucial for the correct functionality of a card system.

All About Cards offers loyalty systems for companys of all sizes and has got the most modern hard- and software.

We have everything from simple card systems up to high-end identification systems or complex customer loyalty systems. Give your customers the safe feeling to get individual support and to make a bargain with every purchase!


We offer you the following card systems:

Customer loyalty system Easy Loyalty
… for companies from one or few branches

Customer loyalty system Performance
… for huge trade chains with numerous branches

Personalize your customer cards

Individual bonus cards, embedded in your corporate design, are the ideal solution to commit your customers to your company. Personalize your loyalty cards flexible and as necessary with our card printers and give your customers a personal loyalty card to take with them immediately after application. Stand out from your competitors and show your customers that they make a difference to you.

Card systems for few branches or huge trade chains

Customer loyalty systems for all purposes are available at our company - from small tools for offline use at retail (customer loyalty system Value), to smaller linked systems, from about three branches onwards, up to database-driven customer loyalty systems for huge trade chains.

All About Cards offers advice, conception and development of card systems to

  • Companies
  • Canteens
  • Communal Feeding
  • School Meals
  • Cashless payment in arenas, stadiums, clubs, hotels, holiday resorts, recreation and sport centers
  • Hospitals
  • Retirement homes


All About Cards for card systems and cards with a system!