Production of Plastic Cards

At All About Cards we provide that kind of card production for you, that is tailored best for your requirements. With certified, ultramodern equipment and years of experience we realize your ideas innovatively and successfully.

With our professional plants and certified production we produce volumes from a few hundred up to several hundred thousand and even millions of cards. The most common technology is offset print, which enables unsurpassed full color and detailed prints. Depending on requirements and volume we also use digital, retransfer, colour dye sublimation or monochrome thermal transfer technologies for card printing, as well as various finishing methods. Our modern plants process CMYK, HKS and Pantone colours with a resolution of 300 dpi.


Variety in material, format and design

There is even more variety in card materials, shapes and sizes. For example, we produce cards from composite or eco friendly material or aluminium as well as for example extra large, thick, transparent or special shaped cards. If you require a special gift card design, we are the right partner for you. At All About Cards you can choose from a wide range of finishing options such as hot stamp, spot varnish, 3D effects, metal effects or structured surfaces.


Memory chips and data security

Furthermore we equip your plastic card with storage media, most of all with chip, magnetic stripe and barcode, as well as with basic factors of safety. At your request we will also gladly take care of the encoding of contact and contactless chips as well as of magnetic stripes.

With our printing plants but also thanks to our top-class partners we are also able to produce cards for highest safety requirements. For example, we can process UV printing, holograms, microtext, watermarks or Guilloche patterns with very thin lines.


Gift card production

A modern alternative to the conventional paper vouchers are gift cards made of plastic, which can be used in many areas. Due to their high-quality appearance and durability, they can be variably integrated into customer loyalty systems.

Especially for brands in retail, gift cards are a good way to implement customer loyalty measures. Gift cards can be redeemed both in the store and electronically. But also for personal purposes, in order to give a gift to friends or acquaintances, the gift cards can be adapted and customized at will.

The handy design, extravagant shapes and high-quality card material are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention. Another advantage is the flexible handling of the gift card. Thanks to innovative technologies such as barcodes or magnetic strips, cashless payments can be made in the same way as with an EC card. Customers also have the option of converting their gift card into a customer card once they have used up their credit.

Data security is guaranteed due to security factors such as personalization, signature field or embossing. In addition, the risk of theft can be minimized by activating the custom gift cards at the POS or directly before they are sent to the final consumer.

At All About Cards, your personal wishes regarding the design, material and size of the cards are specifically implemented in order to be able to offer the consumer a convincing gift card. Are you still looking for innovative packaging or would you like to create and print your own gift card? Contact us for more information about packaging materials and card printers. Perhaps you already own a card printer suitable for gift card production, such as the Zebra ZC100, Zebra ZC300 or the HID Fargo HDP5600 card printer? In this case, we will be happy to advise you on how to produce your cards even more profesionally.

We are also happy to accompany the entire production process, from design to printing, personalisation and mailing!