Key Tags

Key tags are an extraordinary possibility to stay near to customers. Key tags in the form of cards can be equipped with different functions and are perfect transmitters for your advertising message.
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Advantages of key tags in card form

Our key tags are a popular accessory due to their longevity and robustness. Through the punching holes, the slim keytags are easy to fix on a bunch of keys. Moreover, it is possible to write an advertising message or further information onto the card.

At All About Cards key tags are normally produced in sets of three or four. You can easily cut the already punched key tags form the big set. Because of the longevity of plastic cards, key tags of All About Cards are suitable for different industries like hotels, gyms, swimming pools or automative retailers.

Futher functions of the key tags

Your key tag can be combined with a contactless chip card. Thus, you can use the key tags as a door opener or a medium of payment. So, you can apply key tags at access controls or as an information carrier about e.g. service or emergency telephone numbers. Instead of an contactless chip you can also print a barcode onto the key tag. So, you can also save data for identification or further information. We print your key tags flexible concerning your needs.


Besides the key tags we also offer you key fobs. Those are key tags made of synthetic material, contain a contactless chip and can be printed with your individual logo.