Loyalty Programs

We advice many of our customers on loyalty programs and are able to provide not only know-how and experience but also the latest technology and software.

It was primarily in retail, where loyalty programs were established globally since the 1990s. Meanwhile almost every branch has its own program and realizes the profitability of customer loyalty.


An indicator for success – loyal customers

plastic cards for customer loyaltyWith a loyalty, club, payback or advantage card you can provide numerous benefits for your customers, but most of all you are strengthening the relation to them. With every time the card is read via barcode, magnetic stripe or chip, you gain possibilities of getting to know your customers better, of increasing his satisfaction with purchases and services and parallel to control demand and sales more exactly.

For you as a retailer or service provider a loyalty program opens up an extensive range of instruments for targeted marketing as well as for market research. With the help of software for card terminals and the connection to web you gain insight into the purchasing behaviour of your clients and at the same time features for data analysis, newsletters and mailings.

According to your requirement and volume we recommend the Easy Loyalty or Performance System.

Personalizing  loyalty cards in a quick and easy way

Personalized cards enhance the effect of customer loyalty and can quickly and easily be printed in a store or at a reception with a desktop printer. You can either use offset preprinted cards or blank cards, which can be printed all-over and personalized, for example with a retransfer printer, in one pass.


Consult us regarding loyalty for your company! We will professionally advice you.