Promotion Cards

Attractive printed plastic cards are an effective form of promoting your event and of reaching the right target group. Place them as an eyecatcher, for advertising and as a marketing tool.

promo card: pre-printed and personalized plastic cardPrinted plastic cards do great promotion. They can be used as: 

  • vouchers
  • point cards
  • for competition participation
  • for welcome gifts
  • for entrance to VIP-areas

Spread promo cards to attract new customers - and bring your company back to the attention of your existing customers. Offer something special!

From layout to shipping

We love to give you advice for the layout of your promo cards and to inform you about the right printing mode. To get perfect cards we recommend finishings as well as security technology features. Your cards should be sent by post? We also handle your mailing and fulfillment. Applicated on a letter or nicely stored in worthy packaging - we are offering a range of products and services.

If you want to personalize the cards by yourself we can recommend you a card printer within the full service: consultation, test-period devices, installation, maintenance and support.


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