Data Management

All About Cards offers you one-stop solutions for your card projects. In addition to card production and systems, we also support you with data capture and digitization of your customer card applications or clearing processes for credit cards.

You need a service provider which collects data quickly, securely and correctly ? Data have to be collected and processed physically, partially automated, mobile or online parallel? With over 10 years of experience in professional data collection and corresponding capacity, All About Cards is able to quickly and reliably process very large amounts of customer card requests within a very short time. The output format of the captured data always takes place after consultation.


Our Services

  • Individual solutions tailored to your needs
  • Optimal data quality through reference database
  • Data cleansing and validation of the data collected
  • Manual, automated and online data collection
  • Capture documents in large quantities and in different languages
  • Output of the file in the desired format

Manual Data Collection

In the case of manual data collection, the data is manually captured and checked. The classic manual data collection is suitable for paper-based, physical applications and forms. In particular, difficult to read and mainly filled in hand-filled applications, as well as flow text, are therefore superficially recorded. Thanks to parallel database support, the data is checked directly during the acquisition.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or to provide references. Just contact us!


Automated Data Collection with FlexiCapture

In this data acquisition, the applications/forms are first scanned and then digitally recorded and further processed by optical character recognition (OCR), or intelligent character recognition (ICR) detection. The first step of manual data collection by a data typist is thus replaced by the use of an OCR recognition technology for text recognition or optical or intelligent character recognition. The recognized characters are subsequently checked by data typists in different ways (for example, field validation or mass validation). We use the FlexiCapture detection software for automated acquisition. FlexiCapture masters the automated reading of static applications and plays its full strength in the flexible detection of semi-structured documents. A typical application is the OCR reading of applications for customer cards or membership cards. FlexiCapture reads out the desired data and validates it against databases. FlexiCapture is especially suited for high-volume projects with the highest demands on data extraction and enrichment as well as flexibility and efficiency.

Online & Mobile Data Collection

Online data collection is carried out by means of a direct connection between your company and our company. Our collection sites access your database solutions via a browser interface, web application or remote dial-up. Data is collected physically by us, but the data is maintained directly in your systems. The simultaneous, immediate recording is the strengths of online data collection. You want the data of your customers to be put into your systems with the application by the customer? We also offer suitable solutions using mobile customer card applications, which directly enable the user data to be collected via the online form. The data are thus recorded and imported directly into your systems.


Clearing processes

As your clearing service provider, we take over the settlement and settlement of mutual debts and liabilities with appropriate reporting for you. Whether it is the billing of coupons, tickets, vouchers or gift cards. We handle both collection, archiving, and billing and reporting between issuing and redeeming parties, adapted and customized to the respective program.

Ask us and let us advise you individually about your project for data collection or clearing.