Online consulting on systems and services of All About Cards via web demo with Teamviewer

We present our solutions and services for card and printing systems, identification, card and packaging production free of charge via web demo. We would be pleased to give you an insight into our cards, packaging or printer solutions.
  • Within a 30-minute online consultation, we convey the look and feel of our solutions.
  • In addition to various materials, finishing options and packaging solutions, we also show you our printer and software solutions.
  • We will answer your questions in detail and check with you how our solutions meet your requirements.


In this guide you will learn how to start and join a meeting:

Step 1: Start Teamviewer

01_ Teamviewer starten_EN.png

Step 2: Start the Meeting

02_ Teamviewer Meeting starten_EN.png




  • Click on "Meeting"
  • The right window will then change
  • You will receive a Meeting ID from us

Step 3: Join the Meeting

03_ Teamviewer Meeting annehmen_EN_final.png




  • Enter the meeting ID in the field
  • Click on "Join meeting"
  • Now you get in contact with your meeting partners