Eco-friendly Card Supplies

We also offer you solutions with which you can protect your plastic cards and wear them visibly in an eco-friendly way.


From eco-friendly clip for the plastic card to individually designed bamboo lanyards, PET-recycled lanyard a DOP-free card holder. You can count on us. We offer you the right, eco-friendly accessory to keep your card in the proper place.


BBamboo-Lanyards for plastic cardsamboo-Lanyards

To carry your card, e.g. a employee- or visitor-ID-card, take our comfortable bamboo-lanyards made of 100% bamboo.


ReRecycled PET-Lanyards for plastic cardscycled PET-Lanyards

To show your plastic card, e.g. an employee- or security-ID-card, we offer you eco-friendly lanyards made of PET-recycle material.




DODOP-free card holdersP-free card holders

Those card holders are a simple and practical way to fix your card on your clothes. Our card holders and clips are produced without plasticizers.