RFID Cards Printing

All About Cards supplies you with RFID cards printed, coded or blank in first-class quality in small and large quantities. The short form RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and describes a technology that is based on an automatic, contactless identification of objects by means of radio waves. RFID cards are thus laminated plastic cards made of PVC, which are equipped with a radio frequency antenna or smart card inlay inside and can be written and read contactlessly by an RFID reader.

All About Cards offers a wide product portfolio with RFID chips from well-known manufacturers such as MIFARE® from NXP Semiconductors or LEGIC. To avoid time-consuming reading processes when inserting a card, the RFID cards can be perfectly used for access control, time tracking or cashless payment applications.




RFID Cards from the manufacturers MIFARE® and LEGICRFID Card blank

When it comes to smart cards, we pay extremely close attention to quality and technical innovations for you. The most widely used RFID card technology in the world is called MIFARE® (MIFARE® is a registered trademark of NXP B.V.). Due to the large quantities, you can obtain MIFARE® smart cards from the market leader NXP Semiconductors at an attractive price and use them for applications in ID and visitor management.

HID, Hitag, LEGIC and i-Code transponder cards are also frequently used in the fields of industrial time tracking and access control systems. The contactless smart cards from LEGIC Identsystems AG are particularly suitable for high security requirements and can integrate several applications in a single plastic card. A cost-effective alternative to these read/write systems are read-only RFID cards. Here, the EM4102 transponder card from EM Microelectronic is the most widely used. The transponder allows the EM4102 to be read by its unique serial number and assigned to a specific data set.



Benefits RFID Cards

The key advantages compared to PVC cards with barcodes or magnetic stripes are their contactless identification without direct visual contact. Since the RFID transponder is located inside the card, it is virtually wear-free. This means that the chip cards retain their functionality even when wet, polluted or subjected to mechanical influences. In addition, cards with passive transponders do not require their own energy source and are therefore maintenance-free. The reading distances range from 1 cm to several meters, depending on the RFID technology and reader used.

We offer RFID technology in the following frequency ranges: 125KHz (LF or NF), 13.56 MHz (HF) or also 968 MHz as UHF cards or wide range cards. By segmenting, i.e. writing different areas in the chip, a single RFID card can integrate different applications and be used in various ways, e.g. for access control and the canteen system.

Applications RFID Cards

The application areas and applications of RFID cards are used in many ways all over the world and have already become part of our everyday life. The most important application areas of RFID smart cards are ID cards for time tracking, access control and ticketing applications. In addition, RFID cards offer high data security and multifunctional applications in a single plastic card, such as the combination of student ID and payment function for canteens. Health cards, bank cards, VIP cards and ID cards are also well-known applications of plastic cards with RFID chip. A further selection of RFID card applications can be found here:

access control with RFID



Contact Chip cards and contactless RFID Cards

All About Cards offers you a wide range of high-quality contact smart cards from well-known manufacturers such as Atmel, Infineon or Arizona Microchip, which you can print and encode individually. In addition, you can choose from the repertoire of contactless smart cards from various manufacturers:

  • Atmel
  • NXP
  • EM Marin
  • Inside
  • Infineon


In addition to the mentioned RFID cards and smart cards, the product portfolio of All About Cards also includes RFID wristbands, keyfobs and NFC tags. Are you more interested in conventional plastic cards without an encoding option? We will be happy to advise you on the various topics and find the perfect card solution for your project.

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