Fulfillment & Logistics

All About Cards offers the complete fulfillment of your card project. We take care of storage, making-up, logistics and distribution. Our service contains the handling of correspondence and delivery, on demand or as a whole.

Our fulfillment is individually suited to your project. Just tell us how we can support you. There are lots of steps from the production of plastic cards up to the customer. You don't have the manpower or the time to handle them? We gladly take it over for you.

In the matter of fulfillment and logistics, we can offer:

  • Making-up of plastic cards and packaging
  • Delivery to several locations and stores
  • Administration of orders
  • Order on demand
  • Consignment
  • Storage
  • Logistics


We have cooperations with a range of transport providers and always pick out the perfect one for you and your demands. We always choose the most effective, the shortest and most competitive way for you and place importance on highest reliability. If it should come to a reclamation anyway, your personal contact person has got a solution for you.