The signature becomes digital with e-signatures

In many companies, hundreds of pages are printed on paper every day for one small thing: the signature. The pages are then manually scanned again to be stored away digitally. This is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but also bad for the environment.

The solution is e-signatures. Digital signatures significantly reduce paper consumption in companies and still offer all the legal security of the classic signature. At the same time, the electronic version saves additional time, as there is no need to print out and then scan the documents.

For secure electronic signature management, we offer suitable hardware and software solutions from well-known providers in this area in our portfolio. This includes brands such as signotec, which is considered an expert for signature pads on the market. The associated software makes e-signature management easier for you and transforms your paper printing processes into virtual PDF printing. Fast, comfortable and safe.

Here you can find out more about the signoSign/2 software from signotec. You can of course also find the right hardware in our auto-iD 24/7 Online-Shop.



  • Less paper consumption
  • Legally compliant and reliable as evidence
  • Time savings thanks to digital processes
  • Possibility of automatic & dynamic recognition of signature positions
  • Direct further processing and dispatch without rescanning
  • Maximum security through encryption
  • Long-term sustainable process