Official ID-cards

Official ID-cards made of plastic cards improve your internal security of your firm, e.g by simplifying access controls, and support your corporate identity.
ID-cards with RFID solution

With the official ID-cards of All About Cards you are on the safe side. The plastic cards can be designed in your individual corporate design, personalized and are suitable as a device for carrying out access controls.


Technologies for official ID-cards

If you want to imprint official ID-cards, reputable technologies such as non-storage plastic cards, magnetic stripe cards, transponder cards and chip cards are optionally available.

Access control cards and time registration cards can be additionally coded after printing the service ID. At the same time, a personalized official ID-card is no problem: photo personalization not only looks good, but also makes the control of your employees much easier. Of course, when printing ID cards, we also offer cards with or without a chip or plastic cards with contactless RFID technology.

Functions of official ID-cards

Make sure that only the own employees have an access permission and can identify themselves with the ID-cards of All About Cards. Concerning your needs you can personalize plastic cards with photos, personal numbers or names. In conjunction with an electronical access permission system for buildings or IT-systems, the access can be denied if data on the chip cards is missing or deviating.

Moreover, we offer you and your employee further functions for your plastic card, e.g. time recording, method of payment in canteens and use as a parking identification cards, so that you can use your official identification cards flexibly.

Also, you can personalize your official ID-cards by yourself in your firm with a personal card printer. Card printers of Zebra or Matica re-transfer printer suit this request especially well. Concerning your requirements and your company structure, we recommend the appropriate card printer and the accompanying identification management system. In order to use further functions with your official ID-cads, we delivery you the right chip cards – matching your individual needs. Of course you can print your official ID-cards with us.

Benefits of official ID-cards

  • Stronger identification of employees with the company
  • Outsourcing for personnel management
  • More security through clear identification and rights assignment
  • Various uses of the service cards, like payment, access control, parking pass
  • Possibility of connection to existing systems