Membership ID-Cards

Membership cards – issued temporarily or long term – help you improve your administration and make your members feel that they belong to your society, association, club or institution. All About Cards prints every kind of membership-ID card cheap and fast in your individual design. Our clients include clubs, organizations, museums and many more. Are you one of them? Of course, membership cards can be personalized with a photo, name and validity.
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We know from daily experience about the enormous effects of membership cards. They don't only represent your membership status, but also create loyalty and bonds. Be free to personalize membership cards with photos, personal data or barcode.

Membership ID-cards printed by All About Cards

All About Cards offers everything you need to realise your membership ID-cards. Our experts will gladly advise you on all questions regarding membership ID-cards. They will be delivered securely and an uncomplicated post-production is possible at any time if you need more membership ID-cards.

• Long-lasting membership cards
• Flexible and uncomplicated re-production
• Card printing systems with expert support
• Card design software, suitable card printer and original consumables

Let us advise you competently and non-binding on the topic of membership ID-cards. Our employees will work hand in hand with you to find the right solution for your request.


The perfect solution for your membership ID-cards

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Depending on edition, type of plastic card and your layout, you should decide whether you want to print your membership cards yourself with a card printer using the retransfer printing process, or whether you want to use offset printing. In many cases, it is often worth combining both printing methods to create membership ID-cards (for example, printing forms in offset and personalization). Just contact our experts - we will be happy to give you some advice.

Membership ID-card individually designed for your club

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Every football, dance or fitness club has the goal of belonging and allegiance. If you want to reinforce this feeling among your members, we recommend individual membership cards getting made. Stand out from other clubs and print high quality membership ID-cards with your individual logo and design. A high-quality membership card in the form of a plastic card signals appreciation, belonging and cohesion.

Card printers for printing membership IC-cards yourself

Kartendrucker Zebra ZXP Series 1

Personalize your visitor ID or employee ID cards with Zebra Card Printers or EDIsecure Card Printers. Depending on your requirements we recommend you the suitable card printer, e.g. the entry models Zebra's ZXP Series 1 or Zebra ZXP Series 3 or the Zebra ZXP Series 7 for field proven reliability and increased functionality. Not to forget – we help you getting the right plastic card fitting your needs.