Double-sided laminator ILM DS

The laminator ILM-DS laminates plastic cards double-sided. It can be connected to the card printer EDIsecure XID 8300 very easily and convinces with speed and great quality.

Laminator EDIsecure ILM-DSThe printer driver controls the laminating modulation for the different card materials using communication via infrared-port. With the ILM-DS, different laminates can be applied to the card in one step: The laminator has got two laminating cartridges and two heat rolls with separate temperature control.

Characteristics of the ILM-DS:

  • Speediest lamination module in its category (16 sec./card) with small body
  • ILM-DS for double-sided lamination with two cartridges at the same time
  • Electronic safety log for a secure access to the supplies
  • Detachable, colour-marked cartridges for simple and quick change of supplies
  • Laminating foil with high capacity (patch and overlay) for small interaction with the user
  • „Jumbo patches“ for almost holohedral lamination with longliving patch material
  • Big choice of EDIsecure-laminates for high security and durability of the cards
  • Disposability of custom-made hologram foils for the protection of forgery and misusage


A variety of different laminates is available:
Transparent (Clear Patch) or holographic patch rolls are available in different thicknesses as well as patch rolls with cutting for an ISO-contact chip, also as holographich overlay-rolls.