Conventional card programs can be digitally brushed up: Give your customers additional benefits by making your offer fit for multi-channel, so that it is available over different channels: physically as well as online.
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Smartphones and mobile devices have changed the buying behaviour of people – as well as handling vouchers and customer cards. Consumers enjoy the possibility to carry the customer card digitally with the smartphone and to use several advantages. Focus on the approved card – but upgrade it with digital features. According to the study "Loyalty Cards 2013", 72 % of the interviewed people would use digital loyalty cards. As digital extras you can add product information, location based services and special promotions.

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Multi-channel in retail

Multi-channel card applications for PC, tablet and smartphoneCustomers' demands on shopping and payment have changed – and they also do in relation to gifting. The smartphone is a constant companion and multi-functional device. Take profit out of this! Expand your sales opportunities by offering the distribution and cashing of gift cards or loyalty cards mobile.

An integration in your website/ your webshop gives customers the possibility to buy and send gift cards online. The presentee gets the voucher via SMS or E-Mail and can convert it at the webshop (e.g. by typing the code) or in the physical store – with a print of the PDF he got via E-Mail or, if you are already equipped with NFC-capable devices, at the cash point with his smartphone.

Read more about the advantages at our digital card solutions!


Multi-channel at events

At events, there are alternatives that are more comfortable than a physical ticket. The guests always have to have it in mind and to carry it around. With a digital solution, you can use e-ticketing. Visitors do have their ticket on their smartphone. That simplifies access control.

You are dealing with vouchers for events like concerts, musicals, sports or cinema? Expand your shop with the possibility to add personal greetings to the tickets and to send them via mail or SMS.

You are the owner of a cinema? Besides gifting, you can also ease reserving. Guests just show the smartphone at the control or get their tickets comfortable at the automat.


Multi-channel for hotels and gastronomy

Vouchers for accommodation or for a dinner are popular presents. Provide them in digital form! Both, buyer and presentee, are taking profit by the possibility to add messages, images or videos to the gift card. As a special service, you can offer the mobile charge of vouchers. The guest shows his reservation/payment with his smartphone.



Digitalisation of card programs

digitalisation of card programsMake your card project fit for multi-channel, for sale and distribution on different ways, physically as well as digitally. You can have the system as a white label for single brand or multi brands.

Multi-Platform & Multi-Channel Gifting: There are several ways to use the platform, as an app for smartphones and tablets or as an integration into your website.

Gift cards can be distributed on several ways: Physical cards are served on the usual way per post, virtual cards (eGift Cards) are sent with text messages and E-Mail.

Personal gifts and their advantages: You can personalize gift cards and prepaid cards with our solution. You can add personal greetings and pictures and, if you choose distribution by post, packagings or special products. Sending it via SMS or E-Mail, users can also add videos, audio files or animated pictures.

Payment can be integrated for mobile and online use: For a first installation, we used prepayment, credit card, Paypal, immediately tranfer and giropay.

Charging and activating due to retailers demands: The solution corresponds to the conditions concerning the activation of prepaid cards and gift cards, at the point of sale, too, and can be configurated individually. Activation can happen immediately, delayed or belated with certain risk-and-fraud-processes. Charging, depending on the technical equipment of the retailer, can happen via smartphone, PDF-print or NFC-technology. Furthermore, the solution offers a mobile wallet for the management and chargement of gift cards and vouchers.

Advantages for the giver

  • Promptness; access to the store 24/7
  • Mobility
  • Personalizing of gifts via smartphone, mobile device and website
  • Social gifting – integration in social networks
  • Common gifting
  • Advantages for the presentee
  • Better experience of the digital gift
  • Mobility and easy handling
  • Overview of your gift cards
  • Charging in the store
  • Creating wish lists


Voucher systems for your website

online-voucher-shop and PDF-vouchers for printing and sending via emailDigital vouchers - the advantages: 

  • They are available around the clock and last minute.
  • They can be designed individually and personally.
  • They can reach new customers and improve customer loyalty with targeted re-marketing activities.
  • Vouchers can be given printed or digitally sent via email.
  • Offer different vouchers: vouchers with monetary value or seasonal campaign vouchers.
  • With your own voucher system you do not have to pay commission to voucher platforms.


Advantages for you: Selling vouchers online, you reduce administration and reduce time. Vouchers' availability doesn't depend on shop opening hours, so you can generate more revenues. 

How to do it:

With our solution customers can send vouchers directly out of your web environment. The voucher system is integrated into your website and adjusted individually. Offer the vouchers at a prominent place and lead the customer through the buying process, click per click.

Offer specials as an option such as personalizing: Customers can emotionally enhance the voucher with their own photos, videos and greetings. Delayed transmission and activating is also possible.

Integrating the pdf vouchers into stationary retail: The gift card server in the background can also handle your physical voucher sellings at the point of sale. 

There are several possibilities of payment: immediate tranfer, PayPal, prepayment, credit card or direct debit. We integrate your favoured payment options.

Single brand or multi brand

Our PDF voucher systems can be used for single brand or multi brand. You want to distribute other brands? We can add your retail network to your solution. Having several brands, we recommend you to offer an universal voucher: the presentee can choose which brand he wants to use the voucher for.


Digital loyalty cards

overview of loyalty cards on the smartphone - mobile pocketAdvantages

mobile pocket is straight customer contact. As soon as the first user has added your card to the app, you can manage content like offers, news, sales and advertisings. The user gets all this directly on his smartphone. Create customer loyalty with mobile communication!


setting up a loyalty card on the smartphone - mobile pocketManagement

Managing content is simple. With your own online-access, you edit campaigns and see statistics. Mobile pocket guarantees successful customer contact, turnovers and image branding with minimum effort.


campaign for regular customers - mobile pocketDirect-Marketing

Strengthen the brand awareness of your loyal customers with individual communication. Let them profit by exclusive campaigns for your store or online-shop. In mobile pocket's backend, you manage who gets information by limiting campaings for cards, card numbers or creation date.


mobile payment with VeroPay - mobile pocketMobile Payment

Give your customers the chance to use an offer immediately or to make a purchase with the smartphone. Mobile pocket offers VeroPay as integrated payment option. In Austria, well-known companies like Billa, Merkur or Hartlauer successfully use this option.



Beacons send special infomation to your customers if they enter the shop or pass by. So you can send incentives to buy or information like:

  • welcome-greetings
  • special offers
  • a reminder for a price campaign
  • invitations to events
  • links to your online-shop

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