Mission Statement

All About Cards stands for the whole world of plastic cards. But our thoughts do not stop at the border of the 86 x 54 millimeters of card surface: We watch the card holistically, as a marketing tool, as identification medium, as carrier of technology.
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It is important to us to keep our knowledge lighted from all sides. Our house is made of experts for the design and effective applications of cards, starting at an impressive layout, going up to fancy packaging.

Furthermore we have got experts for card printers and software. They can recommend technology and devices for your application – not any, the best for you! No matter if hard- or software, peripheral devices or the whole support: You are not alone, neither in planning the investment nor in later handling. It is fundamental for us that you always have a contact person. You get your personal hotline that guarantees you the contact to a pool of specialists who help you and guide you.

All About Cards - Company & Program

All About Cards is the name of our company, but also our program: Take our word for it and profit by our large service

For us, service is more than on-time-delivery and maintenance. We see it as a whole, individually and 100% custom-made.

All About Cards – competence in cards!

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