Visitor Management

For companies often handling visitors or external staff an elaborated visitor management solution is recommendable. With such you can ensure, that all your safety requirements are met, and monitor where people stay.

Especially in large companies with many employees it’s hard to keep track without an electronical solution how many visitors or external staff are inside and in how far they have to meet safety requirements.

RFID-cards for visitor managementA safe welcome for every guest

Professional visitor management solutions provide these features of acquisition, access control with limitation for rooms and time, ID card printing, monitoring and reports. Thus no guest is able to gain unauthorized access to single rooms or even entire departments and even afterwards you can monitor, where the guest was staying.

Furthermore you benefit from the online pre-registration feature for guests and thus from facilitated processes.

Besides software we provide printers and supplies as well as blank or pre-produced cards including accessories like lanyards or holders. Thus you can print professional ID cards with a high-quality printer yourself – for example if you handle often changing card designs. If you rather have a steady card design we recommend offset pre-produced cards, which can easily be personalized on-site within seconds, for example with a compact desktop printer at your reception.

Reusable ID cards thanks to rewrite technology

If you think about using ID cards several times, but still want to issue a personalized ID card for every guest, our rewrite printers might be a good choice for you. The basic design of the card stays the same, however the visitor information – like name, company, department or a number – can be erased and rewritten again and again.