Price Tags

All About Cards offers a wide range of price tags. No matter whether price tags are made of plastic, TRW cards for rewriting your price tags or food price labels - there are numerous options for price labeling and combinations. We are happy to help you find the right, individual solution.
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Advantages of price tags     

  • Time savings: Maximum flexibility and responsiveness. Print your price tags as you need them, on-site and keep your information up-to-date.
  • Increased recognition of your store, chain, brand: create distinctive price labels according to your personal taste with clear, legible texts and a professional look
  • Visibility and security: You should place price labels prominently and clearly visible. The size can be kept in the normal credit card format, or can also be output as a special format on request.
  • Our price labels meet the stringent requirements of the food industry.
  • Quick creation and updating and simplified compliance.
  • Accurate and uniform reproduction of your designs.
  • PVC cards are easy to clean as well as durable, cold and moisture resistant.
  • Reduced risk of errors by data import directly from your databases.
  • Uniform labeling for all product groups.
  • Various design possibilities, e.g. Allergen details on the back and attractive product information on the front or information on allergens on both sides, so that they can be seen by customers and sellers.

Individual price tags made of plastic

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There are practically no limits to the design of your printed price tags! Because with our high-quality thermal transfer card printers you can have your price tags printed without a border in your desired design. We will be happy to advise you on the optimum design of your plastic cards printed as price tags, especially when it comes to labelling food in a fresh food counter such as baked goods, meat, sausage, cheese or fish. Our ISO-standardised plastic price tags meet hygiene standards and, with lamination, do not provide a breeding ground for germs and can be cleaned within a few seconds. At the same time, the printed plastic price tags are also resistant to harmful environmental influences and have the right size, even in special formats, depending on requirements.


Food safe price labels

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Food safe price labels are the solution for the entry into force of the EU Food Information Regulation (LMIV)! According to this, sellers of unpacked goods (goods for immediate consumption) are faced with a new challenge. Since January 2017, they have been obliged to identify allergens contained in the products, such as milk, soya or nuts. In this case you are obliged to provide a list of the allergens contained in each product in a clearly visible place.

Biodegradable plastic cards are ideal for all those who do not want to lose sight of the environmental aspect despite their demand for high-quality and professional product quality. Conventional PVC cards, like all comparable plastic products, are characterized by a long service life. The downside to this is that the structure of conventional PVCs remains stable over many years and as waste pollutes our environment in the long term.

As an alternative, we therefore offer cards with a PVC structure which, composted together with organic matter or in combination with water, biodegrade completely within nine months to five years. The decomposition materials produced here are environmentally neutral and non-toxic.


Electronic Price Tags

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Another modern way of pricing are electronic price labels, so-called electronic shelf labels (ESL). These are cost-saving and time-saving. Respond to price changes quickly and flexibly - electronic price tags make this possible. Purchase digital price tags for your stores or business! We are happy to provide you with the appropriate hardware (depending on the application, different manufacturers are in question).

The graphical electronic price tags for pricing are versatile. The accompanying software 'Jeegy S' offers the necessary flexibility and an electronic label replacement on retail and supermarket shelves. The digitization of the paper price tags allows you as a dealer many additional ways to attract the attention of your customers to the goods on the shelves. The electronic pricing feature offers the possibility, e.g. the manufacturer's logo, a QR code or barcode for the respective article in order to provide further information about the product on the manufacturer's website, for example.



Price tag holder and stands


Our assortment also includes various types of holders and displays for price tags on counters and shelves. These holders are designed for standard shelves, but we also offer holders and stands for special price tag sizes. Whether narrow or wide, magnetic, to set up or insert, to combine 2 price tag cards, adapted to your business (butchery, bakery, fish counter, delicatessen, bistro, etc.).


Price Label Printer

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Price tag printers are a great relief for many companies from the trade sector. For example, a bakery can use its own card printer to print high-quality plastic price tags directly on site at low cost. At All About Cards you get the best models from all manufacturers.