RFID (radio frequency identification) eases daily processes and secures them. In the card industry, RFID has got lots of applications. Also wristbands, key fobs and labels are practicable RFID-media.
Access control with RFID technology

Plastic card and RFID

A plastic card is an ideal medium for RFID. It can be used for access control, visitor management, staff identification, article surveillance or logistics. Use RFID at certain areas of your company where not everybody should have access. The contactless data exchange between card and reading device facilitates passing sensible areas. RFID media are also ideally suited where many people need to pass through a certain area within a short period of time, e.g. concerts and events: No direct contact between card and reader is necessary, and the RFID media achieve a range of up to 8 meters, depending on the type.

Customized products with RFID

For certain applications, wristbands or key fobs are more practicable than cards, e.g. at concerts, for time tracking or visitor management. Here we have got a big range of offers. Alternative forms of RFID are labels or windshield tags. We also produce specific forms according to your individual needs!

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