Label design with BarTender®

The creation and printing of labels are often part of everyday work. However, they do not have to take up too much time that your employees can fill with more important tasks. That's why Seagull Scientric's BarTender® label software is available for design, printing, management and automation of your labels.

The software is compatible with the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, and can be used with Zebra or Honeywell label printers.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive design tools and helpful wizards for a smooth setup
  • Lots of design freedom, from simple serial numbers to custom serialization sequences
  • Simplified data entry through integration of existing databases and systems such as ERP, data warehouse, WMS, HR, TMS
  • Optimization of manual printing processes
  • Time savings through centralized work
  • Consistency and compliance using fast and secure internet printing
  • Reduction of exam time thanks to Intelligent Templates™
  • Support from a competent support team


The requirements of small companies and large corporations with regard to label printing and management are of course different. A business with only one location and a minimal number of labels has very different challenges than an international corporation with more than ten branches - and BarTender® is prepared for all of that. The software offers different editions that are based on the needs of different company sizes.




The Starter Edition is ideal for small businesses looking for a simple and reliable software for label design and printing. It allows data imports from Excel or CSV files as well as basic serialization, Amazon transparency and industry leading barcode support. In the Starter Edition, up to three printers can be linked, which can be operated by several users from each network PC.





Somewhat larger companies use the Professional Edition with unlimited printer connections. It guarantees all the properties of the Starter Edition, but enables extended serialization for user-defined sequence patterns, the import from further data sources such as SQL, Excel Online and QuickBooks online as well as configurable data entry. In addition, Professional offers RFID coding and PANTONE color support.






If your company wants to automate labeling, the Automation Edition is the right choice. With all the features of the Professional, the aim of this version is to further increase speed and reliability. For this purpose, more than 20 leading databases and sources are supported for the automatic integration of your data. These include MS SQL, Access, XML, JSON or IBM DB2. The special thing about automation is the automatic printing based on data entry results and intelligent forms, without coding or programming. Furthermore, this edition guarantees large companies extensive security through password protection, status monitoring and e-mail alerts in the event of problems.






For large companies, the Enterprise Edition was designed to guarantee secure printing over the internet, anywhere, anytime. In order to involve several employee levels, the labeling software enables the quick drafting, approval and publication of designs across multiple locations as well as their central storage and management. The decisive factor here is the improved reliability for business-critical environments, such as improved disaster recovery or extended failover license support. Because large companies often have multiple systems and databases, Enterprise can be integrated with virtually any business system to ensure a seamless flow of data. The Enterprise Edition combines all the advantages and properties of Starter, Professional and Automation for all-round efficient label management.






Safe, uniform and, above all, efficient labeling is essential for many companies. Whether for invoices, product labeling or warehouse management, a wrong label or complex processes can unnecessarily waste time and reduce productivity. Thanks to a central label software, you can significantly reduce the error rate, shorten communication around label design and approval and increase the productivity of your employees. Intuitive operation, automated steps and a seamless connection to existing systems and databases make BarTender® a practical investment for companies of all sizes.

Contact one of our consultants to learn more about Seagull Scientific's software solution. Our team will be happy to advise you on suitable label printers or accessories, as well as other options for digitizing and automating work processes.