Identity Management

Thanks to the diverse technologies, cards are the perfect tool for identity management, but in an increasingly networked world, the range of digital solutions is also increasing. We offer you a complete and efficient package for your identity management with plastic cards, card printers and the appropriate software, but also modern ID solutions such as smart cards on a digital basis.


Identity management with card printer, camera and software

Get access through the identity management system

Nowadays, employees usually need easy and safe access to a number of buildings, but also to networks, data and applications. However, physical access, i.e. the access to buildings, and logical access are often managed by different departments. These responsibilities in relation to access control systems can lead to the slowing down of processes, as well as confusion. For that reason, it is important for companies to find a solution, which optimizes processes of access control and makes them more efficient.

In cooperation with our partner neXus, we offer the ideal solution. By introducing a two-factor authentication, both user convenience and safety concerning the access to data and applications can be increased. Building access, as well as cashless payment, for instance in the cafeteria, car parks, copying and safe printing can be managed with only one single multifunctional ID-card. Electronic signature (PKI) is possible, as well as the use of those Common Access Cards for Single Sign On and Remote Access. This ID-management solution can be adapted to your individual IT-environment and, in addition to that, also supports all current card technologies. We have holistic and modular systems for the capture and maintenance of personal data and for the personalization of simple or complex ID-cards. Suitable for this are for example contact-based and contactless chip cards, RFID-cards or key fobs.

Hardware- and software components of your identity management system

Moreover, we offer the possibility to remove and standardise the diversity of safety and cryptography processes, which is often predominant in companies, with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). With comprehensive competence in authorization management, IAM as well as the corresponding hardware and software components, we have solutions from a single source and products for displaying, validation, and administration of electronic certificates.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) provides the advantage of reducing acquisition costs for devices. However, the resulting variety of devices presents new challenges to the IT-departments since the different devices have to be allowed and managed. At the same time the conflict between user comfort and corporate security needs to be overcome. For that we also offer a strong solution from a single source, which protects your corporate data without restricting the users’ comfort.

Our systems are perfectly adapted for the safety requirements for the capturing and administration of personal data. 

Identity management not just for people

In an increasingly networked world, it is not only the identification of employees that is essential for the security of your company. Anyone who connects smart technologies with the Internet should imperatively protect them in order to avoid unauthorized access or even attacks. Here, too, identity management comes into play and relies on technologies that are not so dissimilar to those of employee identification.

Certificate-based identities based on a public key infrastructure (PKI) are primarily used for identity management for IoT. They help you ward against cyberattacks on IoT applications by implementing true end-to-end security. This uses strong authentication to protect communication between devices, people and servers. The proven data integrity ensures that your IoT applications only communicate with the employees or devices for which they are approved.

You can find more information about digital ID solutions from neXus for identity management of employees and IoT on our page on this topic: