Personalization of Plastic Cards

There are several possibilities for the personalization of plastic cards: name, photo, barcode or embossing.

Which method is the best for the plastic cards of your application? Personalization can be done inhouse on demand or as a whole during card production. As an alternative, we recommend a card printer for your own use.

personalization of plastic cards






Personalization with barcode

A barcode is an alphanumeric, machine-readable code, composed of stripes and gaps in different widths.


Personalization with embossing

Embossing gives cards a special haptic and a certain quality. Embossing has its roots in banking.


Personalization with photo and/or name

Personalization with photo and/or name respectively further personal data is often used for membership cards, customer loyalty cards or skiing passes.


Personalization with scratch-off

Scratch-off is a certain foil with which printed information is covered. Only the end-user can read the information after scratching off the foil.


Printing techniques for personalization

You want to personalize your cards by yourself? No matter which method you want to apply, we recommend you a suiting device.