RFID Labels and RFID Sticker

With an RFID sticker or RFID labels you receive a sticker instead of the usual RFID chip cards, in which the RFID antenna and the memory chip are integrated. Using the electromagnetic waves of RFID chips, data can easily be exchanged via a transponder with other RFID-enabled devices, such as RFID card readers or even a smartphone. It is easy to attach to packaging or products for labelling purposes. RFID-labels are useful where vehicles and goods pass control areas and where movement of objects and persons have to be monitored.

RFID-labelsWith RFID labels, the data medium is not a barcode. The relevant data are stored on a microchip connected to an antenna (called transponder) and transmitted to a reader by means of electromagnetic waves. RFID comes from the English and means "radio-frequency identification", i. e. identification by means of electromagnetic waves. Since radiofrequent waves permeate materials, the transponders can be applied protected behind adhesive foils or even built into the packaging or product. A visual contact to the reader is not necessary. RFID-labels ease the identification of objects. The label is fixed on the front shield of the car or on the packaging of goods so that the reading device can check the data by passing the control station. We offer RFID-labels made of paper or foil. They can be individually printed and personalized.


For locating and security

RFID-labels for product authentification, flow of goods and tracking


RFID-labels are used for product identification or as electronic delivery note. Labels can also be fixed on borrowed objects or on cell phones so locating is possible. In retail, RFID-labels are used to assure goods against thievery. If someone passes the exit with stolen goods, the reading device recognizes the data and triggers a signal.

Furthermore, conventional plastic cards can be enhanced by RFID-labels.


Smart function: tamperproof Labels

RFID-labels can be equipped with a special mechanism which causes self-destruction at manipulation. This mechanism is called tamperproof. This technology is used, for example, as a driving licence label for automated driving licence control. For these self-adhesive circular labels, a tamperproof can be used, by which the label cannot be non-destructively removed from the driving licence. Each manipulation attempt then switches off the chip irreversibly. We manufacture safety labels suitable for driving licences with HF or UHF technology.

RFID Complete Solution

All About Cards offers you RFID system solutions. In addition to the RFID sticker readers, these also include our first-class consulting service. Our experts will be happy to provide you with a tentative and free quote.



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