Matica LCP 9660 Laser Colour Personalization System

In combination with the MC660 high-resolution retransfer card printer, the Matica LCP 9660 Color Laser Personalization System allows secure ID cards to be printed and personalized in a single process. The laser module is therefore particularly suitable for printing government identification documents such as national ID cards or driver's licenses.
Matica LCP9600_Inhaltsbild.jpg

High-quality laser marking of ID cards

Thanks to the integration of the MC660 retransfer printing module into the MC-LX desktop laser module, the LCP 9600 can easily produce highly secure, personalized cards in full colour printing that comply with the high security requirements of government institutions. Due to the laser process, in which personal information is lasered directly into the card body, the cards have a high level of protection against counterfeiting. Usable materials are standard PVC cards as well as cards made of PC, PET and ABS. Due to the inline production of the device, a shortened production time of the cards at high resolution of 600 dpi can also be expected.


Visual security elements

The Matica LCP 9660 module includes a variety of features that ensure unique card security. Due to the complexity of the over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology in combination with a nearly industrial engraving print, secure cards are produced in highest quality.

The laser module includes the following visual security elements:

  • Microtext that is only visible through a magnifying glass
  • Integration of tactile elements (braille, MRZ)
  • Use of UV ink ribbons
  • Security ink ribbons to create an unique watermark design

With the LCP 9660, Matica has launched a laser module that adapts to the constantly changing production needs of customers. The colour laser personalization module can thus be expanded with additional components such as the MC-L laminating module and offers space for flexible projects that require special security.