At All About Cards you get EDIsecure laminators. They are the fastest and most flexible devices on the market.
Laminate für Plastikkarten

With these laminators you react to the rising requirements to cards that are durable and forgery-proof. With transparent laminates or EDIsecure hologram laminates, you protect the surface of ID-cards from physical damage and manipulation. There are laminates for different card technologies like magnetic stripes and chip cards with a cut-out for magnetic stripes or chips.


Why laminating plastic cards?

Laminates essentially enhance the endurance of cards. You use them to protect cards from bleaching, damage or forgery. Depending on your demand on security, laminates with security features are advisable.

Plastic cards that have to be protected against forgery or that have to be in use for more than two years should be laminated. But also the application of the cards can make a lamination necessary, for example if the card is imperiled to high UV-radiation (taxi driver passes) or gets into contact with chemical solvents (laboratory passes, ID-cards for laundry-employees, etc.).