Customer Loyalty Systems

Plastic cards make a customer loyalty system effective and flexible. Give your customers the feeling of being served individually and show that they can make a snip every time they are buying something.


Use plastic cards for customer loyalty!Individual bonus cards, added with your brand or company logo, are perfect to create customer loyalty. Every customer can get his own individual card right after filling in his personal data: Just personalize the cards with a card printer, e.g. a model by Zebra! Stand out from your competitors and show your customers what they are worth to you.

At All About Cards you get customer loyalty systems for every demand, starting at small devices for offline operations in retail up to systems for three or more locations or even for database-driven loyalty systems for a big company with lots of settlings.


Terminal and cards for the customer loyalty system "Easy Loyalty"Customer loyalty system "Easy Loyalty"

With our system Easy Loyalty you can reward your customers for their loyalty and start different promotions. It consists of terminal, chip cards and software and is suitable for any kind of business. You can realize bonus promotions, direct marketing like sending newsletters or birthday wishes via email.

Terminal for the customer loyalty system "Performance"Customer loyalty system "Performance"

Performance is suitable especially for applications like citycards, automobile cards or for retail with lots of stores – all in all for projects that need extensive reporting and clearing. The system can also be integrated for individual retailers.



At All About Cards you get consulting, conception and development of card projects for companys, canteens, communal or school feeding, cafeterias, cashless payment at arenas, stadions, discos, hotels, clubs, fitness centers, theme parks, hospitals and retirement homes.

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