We do more than printing onto your plastic cards and selling you card printers. We offer a comprising service: If you wish, we organize your card project from the layout to the utilization at the POS or as mailing. We stand by your side when commissioning your printer, offer frequent support and maintenance. Moreover, we provide you with everything you need to know all about the topic of plastic cards and card printers.

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Our service

Here we describe the service all about the classic plastic card: From the first consultation to the finding of the layout up to the delivery to the customer. You would like to send your cards as mailing? You are looking for individually elaborated software in order to print onto plastic cards by yourself? No problem for us. A frequent topic for our customers is also the personalization of plastic cards ... more



In our support area, you can find the team viewer available for download. The team viewer makes remote maintenance easier for our technicians. Using it, we are able to explain you the handling of your card printer step by step, or help you with the installation of the software. We reasonably and efficiently integrate the printer and software into your working environment and take care that all works as a closed system ... more



What is the difference between a contactless and a contact-based chip card? What is meant by “dye sublimation printing”? How is a magnetic stripe card used? You can find explanations all about the plastic card in our glossary ... more



In our download section we offer countless information all about us and our products for saving and printing. You will not only find our company profile and packaging catalogue which we frequently update, but also data sheets of card printers and software, as well as user manuals. You were not able to find what you were searching for? Please contact us. We will provide you with your information material ... more