Cleaning Supplies

Enhance the duration of the printhead and the performance of your printer with a regular cleaning. At All About Cards you get all necessary supplies: cartridges, ribbons, cleaning sticks, rolls and cards.

We offer you a broad sortiment of cleaning supplies for Zebra and EDIsecure card printers. A regular cleaning of the printer guarantees a better image quality and a longer duration of the printhead.


cleaning supplies for card printers

Cleaning cartridges

Cleaning cartridges automatically clean the cards before the printing operation. Dust particles are removed and the print result is clear and sharp.


Cleaning rolls and ribbons

Cleaning rolls and ribbons are made of adhesive materials that take dust particles from off the cards. Cleaning rolls and ribbons should be changed regularly - most suitable every time you change the colour ribbon.


Cleaning cards

A regular use of cleaning cards keeps your card printer clean and is necessary for the maintenance of basic components (card printer, rolls, magnetic encoder).


Cleaning sticks

Cleaning sticks remove deposits of colour particles on the printhead which can badly affect the print result. It is important not to use sharp things for the cleaning of the printhead because they can cause lasting damage.


You will also find colour ribbons as well as overlays and laminates in our assortment.