ID-Card Solutions

Plastic ID-cards combine many benefits and are very popular for this reason. All About Cards is an expert in ID solutions and realizes your requirements safely and reliably.

In general every card with the purpose of verifying a person’s identity is and ID-card – ranging from customer cards to membership cards to accreditation.


plastic card/ID-card with personalizationReliable identification at events

For your event we provide you, e.g. preprinted cards, suitable card accessories, high-performance printers as well as software and image capture modules. So you can even stay relaxed while processing large crowds.

On-site you only need to personalize preprinted cards – like the example on the right side – with name, if necessary with company and a picture and the final ID number within seconds.

Depending on the environment also a wristband can be recommendable. As an ID solution we provide resistive, waterproof, printable wristbands in different sizes and colours, which can be worn on the wrist up to several days. The Zebra wristband printer HC 100 is as a compact and quick device ideally suitable for concerts and festivals, fun and water parks but also for trade shows and conferences.

By the way: you can also rent our printers and software.

access control with a RFID-cardSafe access with forgery-proof ID-cards

When safety is more important than processing many people at a time, All About Cards also provides a portfolio of printers and cards, which allow you to create various safety features.

To our customers – among which we can count large companies, universities, airports and authorities – we recommend accordingly to the safety requirements watermarks, safety laminates, 2D- and 3D-holograms, UV print, Guilloche patterns and/ or microtext. Even capturing biometric data on the card is possible and ensures you even more in handing out forgery-proof cards.

With safety printers, complex software, numerous safety as well as UV laminates and pre-produced cards with holograms – either a standard or your logo hologram – you are entirely independent in producing, e.g., employee IDs accordingly to your safety requirements and your demand.


You can trust in our experience and the safest solutions – discuss your ID policy with us!