Gift Cards

Gift cards are a modern, forward-looking alternative to paper vouchers and more than just a trend. In fact they are one of the most effective instruments for customer loyalty.
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With a gift card you can arrest high attention: An attractive design, fancy shapes, durable, high-quality card material and a handy storage of the card in the customers wallet speak for electronic gift cards. The flexible handling of a gift card raises shopping frequency in your store. The customer will like it to come back – especially if you turn his gift card into a customer card after redemption.

Simple and flexible: Gift cards allow a cashless payment with barcode or magnetic stripe and can be used similar to credit cards. They are charged with a certain amount which the customer can convert completely or in parts. All About Cards offers you personalized gift cards, customized to your wishes and ideas. Let us advise you or make an offer directly.

Gift cards are activated at the POS what minimizes thievery risk.

Attractive gift cards are even better accepted by the customer if they are handed out in beautiful innovative packaging. Just ask us for more information!

Gift card production

An attractively designed gift card can become a flagship for your company. This makes it all the more important to produce the perfect gift card for your applications. You can choose from a wide range of options. Perhaps you already have the perfect layout to produce your gift card? Or do you already own a card printer suitable for gift card production, such as the Zebra ZC100, Zebra ZC300 or the HID Fargo HDP5600 card printer, to personalise a pre-printed gift card at the POS? In this case, we will be happy to advise you on how to produce your gift cards even more professionally. Or you can involve us in the entire production process: we support you from design to printing, personalisation and mailing, so that you can choose from a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, card finishings and packaging.

All About Cards - Your partner in gift card production