Overlays and Laminates

Overlays and laminates are applicated for the protection of bleaching, damage or forgery of plastic cards. We offer high-class, eco-friendly materials by Zebra and EDIsecure.

plastic card with overlayAccording to your need for security we offer different possibilities to make your plastic cards secure: holograms, optical variable ink, laminates with security issues, ... All this can also be produced custom-built with specific details for the cards of your project.

Sublimate-printed cards are protected by overlays which prevent the cards from bleaching. Generally, cards with overlay can be used for two years.


Our recommendation: IDs in form of plastic cards that have to be defended from copying or that have to be in use for more than two years should get a laminate. But also the type of use can demand a lamination for the card, e.g. when the cards are exposed to strong UV-radiation (taxi drivers cards) or if the cards get in touch with chemical dissolvers (cards for laboratory or cleaning services).


Overlays for the Zebra Performance card printers:

  • clear overlay for 350 prints
  • overlay with "Genuine-Secure"-hologram for 350 prints

plastic card with dual sided laminateOverlays and laminates for the Zebra Security card printers:

  • clear overlay for 350 prints
  • overlay with "Genuine-Secure"-hologram for 350 prints
  • lamination with standard-hologram like "TCP", "Genuine Secure" or "World Globe" for 100 / 600 prints
  • lamination with individual hologram for 100 / 600 prints
  • lamination for plastic cards with magnetic stripe, contact chip or signature panel for 100 / 600 prints


We also recommend you to take a look at the numerous colour ribbons we have in our assortment.