RFID for Access-Control

Solutions based on RFID-cards and RFID-technology are applicated where persons/objects have to be identified or data have to be controlled and filed. For access control, RFID is a favoured technology.
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There are more or less "sensitive" business areas that must not be accessed by anyone. Selective access is essential depending on industry, location and security level. You would like to install an access control system or a similar person control system by issuing personalized and/or coded access cards? Whether you choose contact-based or contactless plastic cards with RFID technology - All About Cards is your competent partner for any type of access control using individual ID cards.

Of course we can take over the complete process of printing and personalization of your chip cards or magnetic cards for you. Another option is that you print them independently with your own card printer. We will advise you in detail with the right model that best suits your company size and personal requirements.

Smaller companies can use card printer models such as the HID Fargo DTC1250e or the Evolis Primacy to print and personalize access cards conveniently and affordably. When it comes to high-performance chip card projects that are to be counterfeit-proof, personalized and coded, however, the high-security card printer HDP8500 is suitable.

Personalize access control cards for security areas with a Zebra card printer or an EDIsecure Re-transfer printer. Depending on the requirements you have, we recommend the right card printer, e.g. the performance card printer from Zebra for larger runs.

Why you should go with RFID

RFID-media are available in countless various shapes: plastic cards, paper tickets, coins, key-fobs or labels. RFID-cards are read fast and dependable and ensure a secure data transmittion. Even a parallel read-out of of various data carriers is possible without lost of information or system failure (anti-collision). With access rights and cryptography, RFID-technology creates a higher security niveau and data privacy. We offer RFID-cards from different producers, e.g. LEGIC, Hitag, Mifare® (MIFARE is a registered trademark of NXP B. V.), HID as well as systems for encoding and personalisation of plastic cards. Contact us to get consulting or a individual offering!

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