Print and Personalize Student ID-cards

With student cards of All About Cards it is easy to organize all different application areas of student ID-cards. We print your student ID-cards individually or we deliver you preprinted plastic cards.

The student ID-card - benefits for students

A student ID-card allows students a variety of options: Personalized cards can be used as a ticket for public transport, for cashless payments in canteens, as a library card and also for access control. In addition, the student card can also be shown at various leisure attractions, which usually gives students a price reduction.


Print student ID-cards or let us print them for you

Personalized Student ID-cards can be used as tickets for public transportation, for cashless paying in canteens, as an identification card in libraries and also for access controls. Student ID-cards are available in different special-sized formats, card thicknesses, personalization and thermo rewrite function. Classical personalization for student ID-cards is e.g. a photo, name, matriculation number or electronical finger prints. With the thermo rewrite function of the Evolis card printer it is possible to reuse the cards in the following semesters.

We like to print your student ID-Cards, but you also have the possibility to personalize preprinted plastic cards by yourself. Our card printer of Zebra and the Matica EDISecure re-transfer printer help you printing the cards easily. Our software solutions support the practical implementation.

With our card printers you can print economically big amounts of plastic cards. For this, we offer you all necessary equipment: Card printers, card readers, supplementary for ID-card personalization and software for every demand.

Technologies for your student ID-cards

We offer you forgery and manipulation security. Securtiy features are contact and contactless chip cards, magnetic stripe, QR and barcode encodings, laser engraving or holograms. Moreover, we guarantee a fast service and technical support to a fair price. Furthermore, you can minimize working hours concerning maintenance and administration with card printers of All About Cards. Finally, you act sustainable if you use re-writeable ID-cards.