Software for Student ID-Cards

Easy and fast to use – our electronically based system for the production of student cards offers you a saving of time and privacy. In this package you get the software, plastic cards, webcam and card printer.

Sample student ID-card

The system is a great helper for your administrative tasks, and it also fulfills the demands of the pupils: On the one hand it grants you a safety use of pictures and data. On the other hand comes the system with professional and simple look like a check card.

The student card software scores in being time saving and in creating identity cards for administration.


That’s how it works:

The software works with the existing pupil standing data in your school administration program. With an easy search function you select any name you want, producing a live photo of the pupil with the web cam and just a few seconds of proofing later the printer offers you the student card.

Connection to your standing data system

The student card software is a simple Windows application and uses the existing standing data of your school administration program. Via quick finder you get immediately the data of every student.

High quality webcam with live photo function

Take a picture fast und simple with the HD webcam and add it directly to the identity card. After printing you can delete the picture immediately for privacy issues.


Screenshot software for student ID-cards












Print an ID card in just a few seconds

With the Zebra printer ZXP Series 7 you are able to print high quality, coloured student cards in a few seconds. Because of the cost-optimized consumables, low maintenance cycles and fast printing this system offers a unbeatable cost-value-ratio.

The ID card gets more temper-proofed and renewable

Falsification and abuse of the ID-card is almost impossible because of the printed picture. To renew the student card you can add individual water marks or use rewritable cards.

Use the design of your school

To get a high recognition value, use the individual design of your school patterns. You can adapt the software for this.

Offset-print is possible

You can pre-print the plastic card optionally with static details in offset. The cards will look way more valuable.