Eco-friendly Cards

All About Cards offers a variety of eco-friendly produced cards that can be applied as gift cards, customer cards or ID-cards. We recommend cards made of regenerative materials, recycled or biodegradable PVC or PET-G.

Recycled CardBut what's the difference between eco-friendly and "normal" plastic cards?


  • The base material contains renewable material like corn, paper or eco-friendly plastic which is already recycled or degradable.
  • Card production causes low effects on environment.
  • You can use eco-friendly printing colours.


eco-fiendly plastic cardAll About Cards offers a broad variety of cards made of eco-friendly material. Use them for target marketing, for example in the field of gift cards and customer cards or, if it equates to your company philosophy, even for staff badges or business cards. Depending on your card requirements and depending on the use we recommend the suitable material: recycled or degradable PVC, PET-G or wood.

We would be pleased to give you advice about alternative card materials!


Besides cards you also find eco-friendly supplies: choose from eco-friendly lanyards and DOP-free card holders.