Zebra Label Printer ZD410 Desktop

Fast, pin sharp printing and sensationally space saving - with the entry-level model Zebra ZD410, Zebra offers a desktop label printer that cuts a fine figure in any environment. The Zebra ZD410 scores particularly well in the healthcare sector - thanks to hygiene certification and a design specially adapted to the medical sector, you can reliably print patient wristbands, tags and labels directly at the bedside.

Print labels and wristbands with the Zebra ZD410

In addition to the mid-range model Zebra ZD420 and the premium series Zebra ZD620, Zebra also offers an entry-level model in the desktop printer market - the Zebra ZD410. This replaces its predecessor, the label printer Zebra TLP 2824 Plus, and is available in two editions: the Zebra ZD410 basic model and the Zebra ZD410-HC healthcare version. Both specifications use direct thermal printing, which uses a special thermosensitive printing material that monochromically discolors when exposed to heat. This has several advantages: On the one hand, the Zebra ZD410 is very economical, only label rolls have to be changed from time to time. On the other hand, it is particularly suitable for printing projects with high data protection requirements, as both the printouts fade after some time under the influence of sunlight and heat, and no used ribbons are produced, which image the entire print image as a negative and which therefore still have to be destroyed in a costly and time-consuming manner.

The Zebra ZD410 - fast and slim

With the Zebra ZD410, Zebra succeeds in slimming down its entry-level desktop printer model enormously, without having to do without high quality and speed: Sensational 115mm width make the Zebra ZD410 one of the smallest printers in its class, which still finds room everywhere, and if necessary can even be mounted on the wall. With a print resolution of 203 dpi and even 300 dpi on request, the Zebra ZD410 also prints text, 1 and 2-D barcodes and even graphics - at up to 152 mm per second. You can choose from a wide range of media types - whether roll or folded, die-cut or continuous thermal labels, even tags and wristbands with a print width of 56 mm - the Zebra ZD410 is a true all-rounder thanks to its mobile media sensor, which automatically adapts to a wide variety of formats. You are not even limited to special Zebra ZD410 media and consumables: Because the desktop printer is backward compatible and also supports competitor printer languages, you can easily start by using up your supplies and gradually replacing your older printer predecessors.



Zebra ZD410 direct thermal printer

The Zebra ZD410 is available as a basic model in direct thermal printing.
Zebra ZD410 Thermodirekt

The Zebra ZD410 offers various functions ex works: Depending on your needs, you can choose your Zebra ZD410 with USB, an autosensing serial port or 10/100 Ethernet, as well as the latest wireless connectivity options such as 802. 11ac WLAN and Bluetooth 4. 1. You are not fixed in your decision once: If you need more options at a later date, your Zebra ZD410 can easily be upgraded with additional interfaces, label dispensers or cutters on site. Despite the extensive options, the Zebra ZD410 desktop printer always remains user-friendly: The Zebra ZD410 label printer can be easily controlled and monitored at any time via 5 intuitive status icons, at a glance you always see all the information you need about your Zebra ZD410. And if you do have any questions: Thanks to the innovative NFC feature, all you need to do is tap your desktop printer with a suitable mobile device and you have access to Zebra's extensive knowledge base of instructions and video tutorials!

Zebra ZD410 Healthcare specification

The Zebra ZD410-HC desktop printer is a healthcare version of the Zebra ZD410 specifically designed and certified for use in healthcare facilities.
Zebra ZD410-HC

The special requirements that strictly hygienic environments place on printers are immense: they must not only be perfectly cleanable and disinfectable, they must also take up very little space and be immediately mobile and ready for use at all times, regardless of whether they are operated by trained personnel or beginners.
The Zebra ZD410-HC, which was specially designed for use in clinics and doctors' practices, masters these requirements with flying colours! Narrow, fast, simple and razor-sharp, even for the smallest sample labels, it is also made of special, disinfectant-resistant plastic and can be easily and hygienically cleaned. However, the mobility guaranteed by the Zebra ZD410-HC is a particular advantage for patients: The desktop printer can not only be operated via the hygiene-certified IEC 60601-1 power supply unit, you also have a powerful rechargeable battery at your disposal that can be firmly connected to your Zebra ZD410-HC in just a few simple steps. You simply move from bed to bed with the mobile workstation, print patient wristbands and labels for medication and laboratory samples and apply them directly! Errors resulting from later printing and confusion are a thing of the past - the Zebra ZD410-HC guarantees an entirely new level of patient safety.

Fields of application of the Zebra ZD410

Thanks to its slim and compact design, the Zebra ZD410 is particularly suitable for environments where space is at a premium. Support for a wide range of media types enables use in the travel industry, hospitality, security, manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare, and more.
Anwendungsgebiete für den Zebra ZD410
  • address labels and return tags
  • shelf and product labelling
  • discounts and coupons
  • patient file identification
  • laboratory and recipe labels
  • patient wristbands
  • labelling of unfinished products
  • visitor passes and ticketing
  • prosecution of evidence
  • luggage tags