Double-sided Laminator Module MC-L

The double-sided laminator module MC-L from Matica, which is available in two versions, ensures increased durability and security of your cards.
Laminiermodul MC-L.jpg

With the inline version, which can be easily installed on the Matica EDIsecure™ MC660 high-resolution retransfer card printer via a connection plate, your cards are laminated with a heat-sealing foil directly after the printing process. The stand-alone version, on the other hand, allows stand-alone lamination for autonomous use. For an increased level of security, the foils of both models can be equipped with holograms and other visual security elements (VSE).

Product specifications of the laminator module MC-L:

  • Fast, compact laminator with a speed of 19 sec.
  • Short warm-up time (40 - 50 sec.)
  • Suitable for PVC and PVC composite cards with a thickness between 0.76mm and 1.0mm
  • Card format: ISO CR-80-ISO 7810 (53.4x85.6mm)
  • Interface: USB 2.0 and RS-232 Serial
  • Choice of three configurations:
    • Single-side lower cassette
    • Single-side upper cassette
    • Dual-side for enhanced flexibility


A variety of different laminates is available:

In addition to transparent (Clear Patch) and holographic laminating films in various thicknesses, the range includes patch rolls with visual security elements (VSE).