Magicard Helix

The Helix is ​​the world's first device with directly installed safety features for card printing: the plastic cards are laminated with the patented HoloKote® foile and receive forgery-proof full-area watermarks.
Magicard Helix.png

Print with the Helix card-printer

  • Identify-cards

  • Payment-cards

  • Cards for access control and timekeeping

  • Identity cards for security areas

Magicard Safety

With the full-faced watercolor foil HoloKote®, your cards are become forgery-proofed. The complete plastic card is covered with a pattern that is visible only from a certain angle. Available are ten standard motifs, customer-specific hologram foils are manufactured for you optional. You can also give your cards a golden security seal, a so-called HoloPatch®.

Specifications of the Magicard Helix

The animated touch screen gives you step-by-step instructions to start up the printer, change ribbons, or use cleaning supplies. The screen shows you the printer in miniature and guides you step by step.

With its 200 card-holding supply and output trays, the helix offers a high degree of flexibility during card printing. This allows you to conveniently do other things before you have to refill or remove cards. The helix takes 28 seconds to print a color or 18 seconds to print a monochrome card-page. You can therefore run the device for at least one and a half hours without having to set it up.